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Music on this website  / Denise Buchholz (mother)
The music on this website was written and performed by Nicole's friend BJ.  They worked together at Red Robin.  BJ wrote and recorded this song for Nicole the week after the accident.  The voice you hear at the end of the song is Nicole's voice.  It was taken from her outgoing voice message on her cell phone.  Thank you, BJ, for such a touching and loving tribute to Nicole!
SPORTS AUCTION  / Brian Buchholz (Stepfather)


We are registered with the State Of Missouri as a Charitiable Organization.  However, when we check the foundation didn't appear on the website.  We found out additional paperwork needs to be filled out to be on the website, it's been submitted.  Also, the 501C3 came back stating the IRS has a new 28 page form, so we are finishing that up to resubmit our request for tax exempt status.  This has put the sports auction on hold.  I want this project to go well and no questions about the foundation. 

We are working with Mark at "Top Of The Met" and he is being patient in assisting us with our Sports Auction.  We are looking to create 10 Outstanding Verbal Auction Items: a Blues Package; Cardinal Package; Ram Package; and Golf Package are already in the works.  We are also looking at a trip to Florida; a Mizzou Football Package; Gateway International Package; and looking for input for other options.

If you have ideas, connections, or would like to help with this event in anyway let me know.  We are looking to plan this on a grand scale and would like to make this a wonderful one time event that makes it a don't miss for the people of St. Louis.  We will also have a silent auction with many great items, feel free if you'd like to donate an item to contact me.  We are also looking to create goody-bags with nice items.


cell: 314-853-1901

home: 314-432-0624 

mrs / Mandy, Nick &. Tim Rose   Read >>
mrs / Mandy, Nick &. Tim Rose

today we met brian and denise at san francisco airport.  what a cracking couple!!! words cannot express what we would like to say. all our love. mandy nick and tim.

dont forget if you need an electrician :)  and remember its a day off work when we come to st louis x xqshol


CRAZY BOWL A SUCCESS  / Brian (Step-Father)  Read >>
CRAZY BOWL A SUCCESS  / Brian (Step-Father)

The Florissant Valley Jaycees hosted a Crazy Bowl on April 20th at Crest Bowling Alley.  Thanks to all in attendence and to the Florissant Valley Jaycees for their work in raising money for the foundation.  It was as Nicole would say, "GOOD TIMES!!"

The Florissant Valley Jaycees have talked about making this an Annual Event and would like your feedback on the event.  Thanks again to those who participated, made donations, and enjoyed a day of fun and celebration of Nicole's love of being with friends at the bowling alley.






The Art Auction went well: approximately 60 people attended; we sold 40 of the 60 pieces of art; the food was great; the I-POD winner was Laura Click & the 20" LCD TV was won by Nicole's friend Jamie. 

So many people came together to make this event successful.  First, Professor Younger and the UMSL Students & Art Dept faculty members had the idea of a Art Auction and donated their own personal works for the auction and gave us the use of the Northern Art Council as our location.  One of Denise's good friends from high school contacted professors and galleries getting nearly thirty pieces of art donated for the event.  Bunny Wyatt and her business PIX TO FLIX put together a wonderful DVD made up of pictures of Nicole with friends, co-workers, family, classmates and other pictures of Nicole with various songs including BJ's "Don't Make Sense."  The Thyme Table Cafe took great care of us with wonderful food, people are still talking about how wonderful all the food was and how great they were serving our guests.  Missouri Mercantile donated a case of wine from local wineries which added to the ambiance of the event.  Other personal works of art were donated by Barbie's daughter Holly, Misha Pelligreen (her husband Lee was the best man in our wedding), and three people from my new job heard about the event donating a personal piece of their artwork also (thanks Trisha, Jennifer Rapplean and Kathleen Ingram).  Dean Lewis of Glass Canvas Beads made a special item in Nicole's honor, glass beads with Pink and Black flowers in an earring & necklace set that sold at the auction.  My mom donated a basket of wine won by Mary Ann Schroeder; a basket of candles & other stuff won by Marge Hepperman; a zebra print scapbook with additional items to fill the scrapbook won by Steve Swanson and a cute zebra print bag with two zebra print with pink accent photo albums was won by "THE TJ," memoriable moment.  Thanks to all who attended, donated, promoted, bought tickets, and made donations.  Fox 2 promoted the event Friday morning on their show.

Our dream of seeing Nicole move forward in life ended but we are trying to keep the dream and options for other young photography students alive with getting a Photography Scholarship started in Nicole's name.

Special thanks to: Thyme Table Cafe; the Art & Art History Department faculty and students; the Northern Art Council; Pix To Flix Productions; Missouri Mercantile; Framations; Glass Canvas Beads, Maryland Heights Police Department, Fire Department, and Paramedics; Creve Coeur Camera; Kinkos (the postcards); National Wild Turkey Federation; Ortmann-Stiponovich Funeral Home; Red Robin; Dierbergs; Memory Lane; Fast Signs; Earl Sawyer JCI; Florissant Valley Jaycees; Denise's family- Carol (mom)/ Debbie (sister)/ Nan (sister); my family- mom & dad for all your help/donations- my sister Beth/ her husband Tim/ their children Jessica-Allison-Emily. 

I apoligize if I forgot anyone but it was beautiful to see people from so many different parts of Nicole's life come together to make this event so wonderful and successful.

Victim's Impact Statement / Sentencing  / Denise Buchholz (mother)  Read >>
Victim's Impact Statement / Sentencing  / Denise Buchholz (mother)

We would like to thank everyone who wrote a Victim's Impact Statement to Judge Jamison.  He received over 55 letters and he said that he did read each and every one of them and that they did make a huge impact on him.  He also said that he has never received some many letters from family and friends and it was clear to see that Nicole was loved and touched the lives of so many.  

We know this was a tough time of the year to ask you to write those letters.  And we want you to know that you did make a difference.  We appreciate that you took the time to do this for Nicole.

The sentencing was passed down to Pedro Santos late Thursday morning (01/10/08).  He recieved 28 years out of a possible 33 and will have to serve 85% of the time before he's eligible for parole.  He was sentenced to 10 years for the manslaughter charge, 7 years for each of the assault and DWI charges, and 4 years for fleeing the scene.  Unfortunately, he will get to serve all of these sentences concurrently instead of consecutively, which means the most time he will be behind bars is 10 years and he could be released in 8 years for parole.

We would also like to thank all of our family and friends for your continued support.

News Coverage  / Denise Buchholz (mother)  Read >>
News Coverage  / Denise Buchholz (mother)
The following are links to stories that local and national networks have done on Nicole's story.

From Fox News (Channel 2 in St. Louis):  Thier website in  You can search on Nicole's name and several stories will display from coverage they have done.  Or click on the links below.

Illegal Immigrant Sentenced For Fatal Car Crash 
Aired: Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crash Victim Speaks Out Against Governor’s Plan
Aired: Monday, December 17, 2007

Click on the picture under “Video” in the Sidebar (to the right of the story) to see the segment that aired on television 

The Jaco Report – Illegal Immigration
Aired: Sunday, May 27, 2007

Click on the first picture under “Video” in the Sidebar to view the story.

Drunk Driving Victim Remembered at PointFest
Aired: Saturday, May 12, 2007  

The following story was on the national Fox news:
Andy Banker of Fox News Channel
Aired: Friday, April 27, 2007  

Son Leaves Message Before Fatal Crash
Aired: Wednesday, April 25, 2007  
This link takes you to the text of the story. 

Illegal Alien Charged in Drunk Driving Accident
Aired: Sunday, April 22, 2007 

The following link is from KMOV-TV (Channel 4 in St. Louis).  Their website is  Again you can search on Nicole's name or click on the links below.  You can view the taped story by clicking on the link "Watch News 4 Coverage" on each of the pages.

Illegal immigrant gets 10 years in prison for fatal drunk driving crash
Aired: Thursday, January 10, 2008
Illegal Immigrant Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter in Death of Student
Aired: November 27, 2007 

Blunt Pushing for Law to Keep Illegal Immigrants from Obtaining Driver's License
Aired: November 26, 2007

Customs, Immigration Officials Raid St. Louis Area
Aired: October 2007

Police: Illegal Immigrant Facing Multiple Charges After Crashing Into Clayton Restaurant
Aired: September 19, 2007 

Resentment Grows After Immigrant is Accused of Killing College Student
Aired: April 23, 2007

The following link is from CW-11 (KPLR). Their website is Again you can search on Nicole's name or click on the links below. 

Illegal Immigrant Sentenced For Young Woman's Death
Aired: Thursday, January 10, 2008,0,5421686.story?coll=kplr-home-2 Close
This is for All Of You to write  / Brian Buchholz (Step-Father)  Read >>
This is for All Of You to write  / Brian Buchholz (Step-Father)
Tributes and Condolences is a page where you can write about whatever you want.  If you have a story about Nicole or want to send a message that is too long for the Light A Candle Page, FEEL FREE TO PUT YOUR MESSAGE HERE!

On the photo-album screen you can add pictures to the photo albums.  We may not hear her voice or see her when we need her but she gave a part of herself to each of us and this website is the place for us all to get to know more about her & how much see meant to us all.

Denise & I will use this page to put updates to the Nicole Allen Memorial Foundation & other events.  Close
Facebook Cause  / Denise Buchholz (mother)  Read >>
Facebook Cause  / Denise Buchholz (mother)
We have created a Cause page on Facebook for the Nicole Allen Memorial Foundation. If you have a Facebook account please join the cause. We will use the page to notify you of upcoming fundraising events as the plans are finalized. If you do not have a Facebook account you can continue to check this site for updates. If you would like to be notified by email or mail please contact Brian or Denise Buchholz at or (314) 432-0624
nicole / Johanna Haas (friend)  Read >>
nicole / Johanna Haas (friend)

Niclole and Family,
Even though we had such a short time together you are with my always. My you rest in a blanket of heaven and know you are dearlly missed. To the family and other friend may god give you strength and peace through out the holidays and the end of the year. God Bless                                   Johanna

Warm regards...  / Todd Sauter (Friend of the Family )  Read >>
Warm regards...  / Todd Sauter (Friend of the Family )
Hi Everyone-

I just wanted to send my warmest regards and best wishes. Your Jaycee family is behind you all the way. 

If we can help in any way, please, please don't hesitate to let us know.

With hearfelt condolances-

Todd Sauter Close
Thinking of Nicole  / Cherie Fiely (Close friend )  Read >>
Thinking of Nicole  / Cherie Fiely (Close friend )

It's Autumn now and I think of you so frequenly as the leaves trickle from the treetops. I can always remember this saying "friends are like the leaves blowing in the wind."
Life has changed so drastic since you were here in body and mind I know deep inside that where you are now time has no concept I know you are sincere and when the time is right we will intertwine paths once again.
Life is so fragile.. Yours so important to many of us but I deeply believe that you were chosen for something so much more greater that we can understand...
I miss you ....

Sincerely Your Friend,